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kittysuck's Journal

Max California
28 August 1984
1950s, a names, addams family, alcoholic, anorexia, antiques roadshow, apples, archie, ari, ariel, art, avatar the last airbender, awake magazine, barry the dog, batman, betty + veronica, betty california, big bad wolf, black, blitzkid, bloodhound gang, bows, bzfos, cadillac, cameras, canada, carnivale, circus, cooking, corsets, cortina, cotton, counting calories, d.i.y., disney, diy, dr seuss, drowning kittens, elvis, emily the strange, experiment #99, eyelets, fabric, fairy tales, fashion, frankie california, french language, frozen coke, green, harajuku, heroes, holland, hypnotic circles, ink, ipod, irish-american boys, jack the cat, james dean, japanese, john jones, john travolta, johnny california, justice league, koffin kats, lace, leopard print, lincoln, little red riding hood, live gigs, lizzibrains, mad sin, mannequins, marlon brando, mary-kate olsen, modelling, mr. donut, music, nekromantix, nicole richie, nim vind, old cars, photoshoots, piercings, piggy banks, press-studs, prince charmings, psychobilly, purikura, rapunzel, rats, rebel belles, reconstructing, red, reverend horton heat, rock n roll, rockabilly, rp, russia, russian accents, septum, sewing, skanks, smirnoff black with guarana, snow white, snowboarding, spots, street fashion, stripes, superheros, t-shirt surgery, tattoos, the archies, the bad moon company, the beatles, the flash, the little mermaid, the netherlands, the snow, theodore geisel, tiger army, tim green, tulips, vodka, white, windmills, yummy down on this, zebra print, zebra rodeo, zippers, zombie ghost train, zombies