When I can't sleep, I sew

Because I've had the worst time trying to get to sleep this week. I stay awake for hours + then I decide I don't want to just lay there when I could be doing stuff, so I get up + sew ((That's why i've been churning out so much stuff this week! haha))

Imade some pants last night, they're not very cute, I need to think about them for a while to see what i can do to make them cuter. Black + white striped long pants. They were going to be like yoga pants, but they're slimmer than that + I don't want them to look like leggings.. soooo I'll think about them a bit longer before I finish them.

Anyway, i was wearing them, and I felt like a convict :)

So I made these knickers!!

Damn that one thread I didn't clip...

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I am so disturbed right now.

I know there are creepy people out there, and especially on the internet anything can happen. But I think i'm even more creeped out because it's just not me that has been affected, it's Vinnie too.

So I KNOW I'm looking good pregnant. I know I'm carrying well, and I'm so lucky to not have gained weight anywhere else. And  I am proud of it. I hate being big, but at least people can tell I'm pregnant, and aren't mistaking me for being fat.

At first I was flattered, not I'm just creeped out.

First off, in pretty much all my about me's all over the place, I've been writing less + less about me and just doing things like "24.Married.KnockedUp.Rock+Roll" sort of thing. Really to the point. On Flickr I get a msg from a guy asking me where in California I come from ((lol, it's just my faux last name!)) and that he'd love to see photos of me knocked up. Well. Ok. Whatever. I didn't reply, I didn't send any photos.

Then on Deviant Art I upload those pretty pics of me + tim in black + white. A user called StuffedBellyLover favourites them and comments. I take it at first as flattery, and respond. Then I go to their gallery. They don't have a userpic at all and theire gallery is full of photos of progressive pictures of girls showing off how slim they are, then eating heaps of food and finishing with shots of their swollen bellies. There's HEAPS of these kinds of photos. And they do these cartoons ((like a little kid has drawn them)) of people tricking each other into eating too much food. It's like porn, but with bellies.

So now I don't know what to do. I love those pics, but I don't like the idea that it's turnign someone on? Well that's what I assume is happening. I know I can't stop people being like that, but I'm just, feeling awkward.

Then I uploaded yesterday a pic of me in that checkered hoodie ((have I put it on here yet? I don't think I have..)). Anyway, on devart I get this message that people have added it to their favourites. Awesome, I made it! I always thank people for Favouriting my stuff, and in one of their journals I realise they have no uploaded pics at all, they just have an account to favourite everything. I go into it + there's all these pregnant ones. Luckily this is one of me fully covered up, not half naked like the ones I did with Tim. I look at the other pics in the gallery and there's ones where people have cut + pasted someone's face onto a pregnant woman's body. As a REQUEST.

I'll link you guys to the head request one. It's weird. I don't think it's SUPPOSED to be creepy, I don't know. Here.

I'm so so creeped out. I mean, I hate it when i'm outside + someone wolf whistles at me. I know that sometimes if they're coming from behind they can't tell I'm pregnant, but its gross. And when guys check me out when they walk past me when its OBVIOUS I'm pregnant.

I just feel like, I dunno, violated? i don't care if people look at me, check me out, whatever. I'm used to people looking at me, and sometimes they are just looking at me, not even checking me out. I guess I'm interesting looking, lol ((and I'm starting to hate all this because it makes me sound like I'm up myself)). But the fact is, I have a tiny little baby inside me. A little boy I have to protect + look after, and even though he's not even out yet, it's creeping me out people are looking at me as an object of desire, when there's another innocent little person in the equation.

Am I just being paranoid? I'm not scared, just disturbed.


Panda Pants + An epic Pillowcase

Oh I made some MORE stuff too.

I'm making a whole stack of little pants for Vinnie to wear over his nappies, because I think his bum should ALWAYS look cute. I've been stencilling + sewing patches onto random fabrics, but this is the only pair I've finished.

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Just took my little bloodtest cotton ball off. I ♥ hospital cotton balls because they are like, quilted instead of just fluffy. I don't even get nervous around needles anymore.



Check this out.

I srsly love original stuff, and because I sew stuff, it's so easy to just see the same stuff over + over again - same fabrics, similar shapes ((well for me it's easy to see the shapes!))

The same with jewellery, but THIS. This is original!

It's made by a very talented guy from all recycled things. Old encyclopedias + aluminium cans! I love the stitching on it too. I love it when people reuse things, but I love that this is made from ALL recycled things. He sells under the name DAZEOFTHEWEEK and you can check out his other rad recycled stuff for sale by clicking on the picture.

Go on, you know you want to...

Click the picture to go straight to the listing

And oh look! I'm on the Threadbanger's Guild now. It's a group of awesome DIYers ((like yours truly - lol)) selling on Feels good to have been accepted, I frelling LOVE Threadbangers, and I love being part of a gang even more!

You can check out all the Guild members here + find out more info about it here

Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade

I've been sewing

In and out of excruciating pain - which sucks because I know it's not labour, it's just my body getting ready for it all and it HURTS! I have a massive towel folded up in the bottom of the shower ((bath sheet I think they're called?)) and when it gets really painful and crampy I just sit in the bottom of the shower with the shower on as hot as it goes, but pointed at the wall so it doesn't burn me. Lights off and a bottle of water and I'm set for the next 20 minutes until tehpain goes. I can sit cross-legged quite comfortably, and if i lean forwards so my belly sits above my ankles it's pretty good.

Well that's how I've learnt to cope anyway.

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Little Vinnie has the hiccups again poor kid. He gets them everynight just after I've had dinner and he gets them for about 20minutes. I feel sorry for him, because hiccups aren't fun! It's such a strange feeling, a little baby inside you hiccuping. So cute!

Mum was here for the weekend, it was really good. She looked after me + tim and made us meals + cleaned a little ((Tim + I had already cleaned ALOT before she got here because he felt bad)). The thing is with my mother is, she ENJOYS cleaning and looking after people! I was really sad to see her go. She was such good company, and I felt so blue all weekend and she was there to give me cuddles and pamper me.

I dyed my fringe again! I didn't know if I liked it at all because it's the first time I've done a different colour in my fringe, keeping the rest of my hair natural. It took a day, but I like it now::

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Things I Did

I feel really good. Even though today I existed on 3 hours sleep, I held it together pretty well. I did have a bit of a silly cry this morning but Tim comforted me and fixed everything.

I completed like 78% of what I wanted to do today, whih is pretty rare because I rarely complete my to-do lists. This one is compiled of all the to-do lists I've had in my diary and have neglected.

My To Do List


Post eBay items ((polkadot keyhole tee + playskirt))
Pay Bills
Check mailbox ((Yes I have to put it on my list. lol. head = sieve))
Make Julia's skirt
Call QLD Xray to get receipt sent to us ((so I can claim it on medicare))
Call and ask if we can pick up the nappies on Thursday night

Make appointment to get eyebrows waxed ((YEY))

Antenatal appointment 1.45pm

Go to Heritage bank ((cancel tim's direct debit into my savings + change online password))

((try to do them all this week))
Tuxedo Hoodie - Pyrogina ((etsy))
Checkered Ska skirt, Cannibal King shell top, purple leopard-print dress - Shazee13 ((etsy))
Black pencil skirt + leopard ruffle - Elizabeth
Purple playskirt - Julia

So I finally wrote a goodbye-for-now-not-forever blog on my Experiment #99 myspace. I'm officially putting it on the backburner while I concentrate on the most important thing that is ever going to happen in my life - the birth of my son. It was a big relief knowing that I won't be tryign to make people buy my stuff anymore :) I can just sew stuff for myself + my friends and put the odd thing up on eBay. I love etsy to bits, it's cheap it's wonderful + unique and eBay is horrible and expensive and hates it's sellers, but things sell so much quicker on there. I had 4 items up for a week + sold 3 of them, without even advertising them anywhere. I'm going to slowly get rid of my stock as much as I can.

We bought these 5 massive plastic containers on wheels with lids so I can sort through the sewing room. I'm really excited about organising it. My mum is coming up this easter weekend for a day or so and helping us clean. She really wants to do it, and I know how much she loves cleaning so I'm fine with it. Tim reckons he's going to clean before she gets here, but I know what she's like. She'll reclean everything anyway!

It's going to be good, using this long weekend to finally sort through all our crap and fix everything up perfectly for Vincent. Well I'm excited :) I love it when everything has it's own place. The kitchen frustrates me because it's small and there is NO PANTRY at all. All our food is on top of the fridge, in one cupboard and in the small bar fridge ((Which we've turned into a cupboard by not turning it on :) )) Annoyign because there is just food everywhere, nothing has it's specific place.

I need to get into the swing of blogging more again. So I havn't forgotten...


((which I did like once, but I'm going to keep doing :) ))

Birds Do It Bees Do It

I really really want a pair of wetlook leggings. I KNOW i can rock them as pants :) I'm bididng + keeping my eye on a few pairs on eBay right now.

And I FREAKING love these heels. I'm getting them someday soon too. They've got Zombies on them :)



It has been pouring down rain since I tried going to bed last night.

I had such a bad night, and I'll whinge about it later.

But right now it's been raingin SO Much I'm really happy. I've got my gumboots on + I'm going to try to find the one umbrella tim hasn't left somewhere :)

I'm going out :)

Just feeling a little cabin feverish and there's only so much GUITAR HERO WORLD TOUR ((yeh that's right, we got it now :))) I can play.

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