Max California (kittysuck) wrote,
Max California

With Voyeuristic Intention...

Just updated my diy blog :)

It's 6.18am and I've been awake since 3.
Total sleep tonight was 3.5 hours.

Definitely nanna napping this afternoon I think :D

There was a domestic outside this morning ((that's what woke me up)). It was between two guys and one yelled at the end - "don't come back here ever again!"
The other replied "I won't!!"

Then I heard one run up the stairs & into his apartment, slamming the door. I thought it was Keno ((who lives across the hall at #12)) but I don't know.

I get up to make sure the domesticee isn't outside smashing ((our)) cars and watch this fella just standing out the front looking up the street.

About 40minutes later I hear footsteps up the stairs again and down the hallway. Little while later they come back. I get up again to watch because I love being a voyeur like that :D. And also it's be creepy to look up and see this massive pregnant girl staring down at you in her underwear.

Anyway, the visitor on the stairs is the boy's mummy. She's got his frilly pillows & some clothes and then they leave.

Awesome mummy for kissing like that. I'm going to say the domesticators are brothers.

This is the only good thing about living in apartments - watching the neighbours :D

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