Max California (kittysuck) wrote,
Max California


So today I've been counting down to for the last 7mths.

I wake up SO EARLY feeling like I've been punched in the stomach ((not unusual)) need to pee really bad too.

Usually I can stumble back to bed & go back to sleep but now I'm wide awake.

I checked my emails really quick but now wish that I hadn't. It's been a while since I got cranky over the contents of my inbox.

A girl I sold a shirt to on eBay claims she hasn't got it in the post which is so annoying because what the hell am I supposed to do? I posted it 2 weeks ago with heaps of other stuff and as far as I know everyone has received.

Also I got an unpaid item dispute opened on me by a seller on eBay because I havnt paid for a bunch of lace. Fair enough but right now it's hard to get to their bloody st George bank to make a deposit. They don't accept paypal.

And I tried logging in to my bank online & wouldn't you know it, the password they gave me is wrong

Yey happy 7th may. ...


oh wonderful, the reason the girl didn't receive her package is because I sent to the house next door to where she lives. I hope they're not jerks + give it to her >:(

And THEN I get a msg from a girl on etsy who ordered a shirt from me + I havn't posted it yet. Have to do it now.

I'm such a freaking retard. i shouldn't be buying + selling on ebay/etsy right now with a brain like this.

Awesome! So the girl who I sent the shirt to the wrong house said they didnt get it either. BULLSHIT! So now I have to refund her the money or make her a new shirt. THIS SUCKS


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