Max California (kittysuck) wrote,
Max California

My iPhone!

Sweet! I just downloaded this app for my iPhone so I can update whenever, wherever now :)

Today I dyed my fringe again, finished recovering my ugh boots & went to work with tim!

I felt really good. Lots of energy I havnt felt in a while! Then tonight of course it all changes & I start having horrible excruciating pain again.

Whatever. I'm prepared for this to just keep going until Vinnie is ready to cone out. Everyone around tim & I are freaking out. We're just getting impatient. Yes I know it's going to hurt but I'm not going to think every little pain is me going into labour.

Our plan is to just deal with each wave of horrible agony as it comes until it's almost constant & I can't take it any more. That's when we'll call the hospital & they can give me something for the pain or tell me I'm having a baby.

That's my plan :D

Im going to start ANOTHER blog about being a little domestic goddess cross with trailer park :) I'll put all my crafty dabblings there as well as stuff about my pregnancy because I'll want to remember for next time!!

New fringe = violet again ((and that's me reunited with my true love -frozen coke))

My recovered ughs ((shoot my legs are skinny!)). There's better pics on my myspace/facebook


-- Post From My iPhone

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