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Threadbanger Guild Mother's Day Project

I am so glad I got this done in time! I was worried Vinnie woudl pop out + I couldn't do it, and then I couldn't find the camera cable yesterday to upload pics - DRAMA.

For this month's Threadbanger Guild treasury, we had to make 2 Mother's Day items. Well I made a heatpack for myself the other night, and thought I'd do that, because they aren't yo mama's average heatpack let me tell you that!

But I ran out of rice :) I'm going to buy some more + make more because I think they are wonderful! And they soothe the pain so well!

So instead I made another pair of knickers + a cheerleader skirt!

Click the pics for the links to the listings::

The back has an exposed metal zipper

Unfortunately it's impossible for me to model anything anymore! :(

The back of these knickers has a panel of black lace over your butt :)

Tags: diy, etsy, threadbangers' guild

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