May 12th, 2009


Stupid Games Tim & I Play

We've been together 5+ years, and over that time we've invented some really retarded little games...

The Alphabet Game
This is one that we play when we're lying wide awake, trying to sleep. You select a subject and go through the alphabet trying to name as many things as possible starting with that letter in that subject. The person who doesn't give up gets the point.

We've never kept track of the points, and I don't think we've ever gotten further than the letter J either ((we're both asleep by then))

Lights Off
The last person to the bed has to turn the light off. Pre-pregnancy this was always a mad scramble through the house to fling yourself onto the bed first.

Ruining A Yawn
This one is just cruel! When the other person yawns, just stick your finger in their mouth. It'll instantly ruin the yawn. And there isn't much worse than an unsatisfying yawn. Be careful though, because they'll want their revenge, and it's hard not to yawn when someone else is.

Blood & Bone

My absolute favourite. This started out as a stupid thing we used to say when walking down the aisles if the supermarket, "do we need any cheese? How about cat food? Do we need any blood and bone?"
Just going through the shelves wondering aloud what we did & didn't need.

Well we've NEVER needed Blood & Bone and I'm sure it'll be a long time before we will need it.

Somehow it got to the point where we would try to bear the other person to saying it. Now it's the first person who says it wins. Wins what? Not much except for a feeling if slyness & slight superiority.

The only rule is that both if you have to be in the supermarket to say it. You can't just run in & yell it. So it's super sneaky & holding-onto-your-breath as you try to casually walk into the supermarket and say it before the other person does.

I'm on a winning streak.

The Peg
This is a game I used to play with Betty & our dad. Sometimes it was a scrunched up piece of paper, usually it's a peg. You pretty much hide the object in something you know the other person is going to use eventually. Then it's their turn.

Sometimes there'd be the scrunched up paper in the toe of your shoe, or tucked nearly into your pillowcase. The peg was worse. I went to school one day with the peg clipped into my ponytail. And again with it on the back if my blouse.

I miss this game, I think I'll get it started again!

Rubbish Disposal
Invented by Betty. This is so awesome. Hold some rubbish or something you don't need in your hand. Now hold your hand out to someone while they are in a conversation. They'll automatically take it, then wonder why on earth they are holding it! It's brillaint. And an easy way to get rid of your rubbish.

Any stupid games you guys play?

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