May 11th, 2009


Still pregnant

Vinnie is still in me

4days overdue + no sign of anything happening any time soon. Not even braxton hicks!

The only pain I'm getting is in my right side on my ribs, I think its just a muscle that has had enough of carrying around the extra 12kgs I've gained since getting pregnant.

Anyway, I've been sewing :)

I made a custom dress for a stripper. It was fun!

With the leftovers I made leggings + a slouchie beanie.

You can check em out here

We're watching Alien Resurection. I LOVE THIS MOVIE.

It's my favourite one. I love The Newborn with its shiny little intelligent eyes.

Oh the bit where it gets sucked through the window is on. So sad :( Makes me cry every time :(

Speaking of crying, everything I seem to watch involves a pregnant woman + giving birth. BITCHES. HOW COME THEY GET TO GIVE BIRTH AND I DONT?