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10 Things You Should Know Before You Add Me
♥ I'm knocked up ((his name is going to be Vincent)) ♥
♥ I sew - Alot ♥
♥ I'm 24, and I'm married ♥
♥ I don't brush my hair much ♥
♥ I love Ice Magic ♥
♥ I have Twitter on my iPhone, so I tweet frequently  ♥
♥ Most of my favourite songs are about screwing dead girlfriends ♥
♥ When I am at home I don't wear pants ♥
♥ Tim + I both wish I was asian ♥
♥ I've lived in a trailer on + off throughout my life. I'm real Trailer Trash ♥
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Stupid Games Tim & I Play

We've been together 5+ years, and over that time we've invented some really retarded little games...

The Alphabet Game
This is one that we play when we're lying wide awake, trying to sleep. You select a subject and go through the alphabet trying to name as many things as possible starting with that letter in that subject. The person who doesn't give up gets the point.

We've never kept track of the points, and I don't think we've ever gotten further than the letter J either ((we're both asleep by then))

Lights Off
The last person to the bed has to turn the light off. Pre-pregnancy this was always a mad scramble through the house to fling yourself onto the bed first.

Ruining A Yawn
This one is just cruel! When the other person yawns, just stick your finger in their mouth. It'll instantly ruin the yawn. And there isn't much worse than an unsatisfying yawn. Be careful though, because they'll want their revenge, and it's hard not to yawn when someone else is.

Blood & Bone

My absolute favourite. This started out as a stupid thing we used to say when walking down the aisles if the supermarket, "do we need any cheese? How about cat food? Do we need any blood and bone?"
Just going through the shelves wondering aloud what we did & didn't need.

Well we've NEVER needed Blood & Bone and I'm sure it'll be a long time before we will need it.

Somehow it got to the point where we would try to bear the other person to saying it. Now it's the first person who says it wins. Wins what? Not much except for a feeling if slyness & slight superiority.

The only rule is that both if you have to be in the supermarket to say it. You can't just run in & yell it. So it's super sneaky & holding-onto-your-breath as you try to casually walk into the supermarket and say it before the other person does.

I'm on a winning streak.

The Peg
This is a game I used to play with Betty & our dad. Sometimes it was a scrunched up piece of paper, usually it's a peg. You pretty much hide the object in something you know the other person is going to use eventually. Then it's their turn.

Sometimes there'd be the scrunched up paper in the toe of your shoe, or tucked nearly into your pillowcase. The peg was worse. I went to school one day with the peg clipped into my ponytail. And again with it on the back if my blouse.

I miss this game, I think I'll get it started again!

Rubbish Disposal
Invented by Betty. This is so awesome. Hold some rubbish or something you don't need in your hand. Now hold your hand out to someone while they are in a conversation. They'll automatically take it, then wonder why on earth they are holding it! It's brillaint. And an easy way to get rid of your rubbish.

Any stupid games you guys play?

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Still pregnant

Vinnie is still in me

4days overdue + no sign of anything happening any time soon. Not even braxton hicks!

The only pain I'm getting is in my right side on my ribs, I think its just a muscle that has had enough of carrying around the extra 12kgs I've gained since getting pregnant.

Anyway, I've been sewing :)

I made a custom dress for a stripper. It was fun!

With the leftovers I made leggings + a slouchie beanie.

You can check em out here

We're watching Alien Resurection. I LOVE THIS MOVIE.

It's my favourite one. I love The Newborn with its shiny little intelligent eyes.

Oh the bit where it gets sucked through the window is on. So sad :( Makes me cry every time :(

Speaking of crying, everything I seem to watch involves a pregnant woman + giving birth. BITCHES. HOW COME THEY GET TO GIVE BIRTH AND I DONT?



With Voyeuristic Intention...

Just updated my diy blog :)

It's 6.18am and I've been awake since 3.
Total sleep tonight was 3.5 hours.

Definitely nanna napping this afternoon I think :D

There was a domestic outside this morning ((that's what woke me up)). It was between two guys and one yelled at the end - "don't come back here ever again!"
The other replied "I won't!!"

Then I heard one run up the stairs & into his apartment, slamming the door. I thought it was Keno ((who lives across the hall at #12)) but I don't know.

I get up to make sure the domesticee isn't outside smashing ((our)) cars and watch this fella just standing out the front looking up the street.

About 40minutes later I hear footsteps up the stairs again and down the hallway. Little while later they come back. I get up again to watch because I love being a voyeur like that :D. And also it's be creepy to look up and see this massive pregnant girl staring down at you in her underwear.

Anyway, the visitor on the stairs is the boy's mummy. She's got his frilly pillows & some clothes and then they leave.

Awesome mummy for kissing like that. I'm going to say the domesticators are brothers.

This is the only good thing about living in apartments - watching the neighbours :D

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Tim always calls Beagles - Bagles. Every single time

This morning he went to make toast, and was wondering why it was taking so long.

He hadn't put any bread in yet!

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So today I've been counting down to for the last 7mths.

I wake up SO EARLY feeling like I've been punched in the stomach ((not unusual)) need to pee really bad too.

Usually I can stumble back to bed & go back to sleep but now I'm wide awake.

I checked my emails really quick but now wish that I hadn't. It's been a while since I got cranky over the contents of my inbox.

A girl I sold a shirt to on eBay claims she hasn't got it in the post which is so annoying because what the hell am I supposed to do? I posted it 2 weeks ago with heaps of other stuff and as far as I know everyone has received.

Also I got an unpaid item dispute opened on me by a seller on eBay because I havnt paid for a bunch of lace. Fair enough but right now it's hard to get to their bloody st George bank to make a deposit. They don't accept paypal.

And I tried logging in to my bank online & wouldn't you know it, the password they gave me is wrong

Yey happy 7th may. ...


oh wonderful, the reason the girl didn't receive her package is because I sent to the house next door to where she lives. I hope they're not jerks + give it to her >:(

And THEN I get a msg from a girl on etsy who ordered a shirt from me + I havn't posted it yet. Have to do it now.

I'm such a freaking retard. i shouldn't be buying + selling on ebay/etsy right now with a brain like this.

Awesome! So the girl who I sent the shirt to the wrong house said they didnt get it either. BULLSHIT! So now I have to refund her the money or make her a new shirt. THIS SUCKS


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Requiem For A Vampire


Vinnie is due tomorrow!!

Very exciting, I hope the stork remembers!

I'm going to be putting all my DIY stuff on a different blog. A little domestic goddess/trailer trash blog :)

This way I can keep this journal for writing about stuff instead of just only updating when I've made something :)

I'll still put links here whenever I update THAT blog.

But anyway, bookmark this

And I've made some stuff too :)

I've also opened a new Etsy Shop, leaving my experiment99 one for a while because I'm just so OVER it. From now on I'm just selling stuff whenever the hell I want, and not feeling guilty when I don't update as much as I should.

So the new shop is here. There's nothing up yet, but I'll be putting a heap of tutus there soon.

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My iPhone!

Sweet! I just downloaded this app for my iPhone so I can update whenever, wherever now :)

Today I dyed my fringe again, finished recovering my ugh boots & went to work with tim!

I felt really good. Lots of energy I havnt felt in a while! Then tonight of course it all changes & I start having horrible excruciating pain again.

Whatever. I'm prepared for this to just keep going until Vinnie is ready to cone out. Everyone around tim & I are freaking out. We're just getting impatient. Yes I know it's going to hurt but I'm not going to think every little pain is me going into labour.

Our plan is to just deal with each wave of horrible agony as it comes until it's almost constant & I can't take it any more. That's when we'll call the hospital & they can give me something for the pain or tell me I'm having a baby.

That's my plan :D

Im going to start ANOTHER blog about being a little domestic goddess cross with trailer park :) I'll put all my crafty dabblings there as well as stuff about my pregnancy because I'll want to remember for next time!!

New fringe = violet again ((and that's me reunited with my true love -frozen coke))

My recovered ughs ((shoot my legs are skinny!)). There's better pics on my myspace/facebook


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Threadbanger Guild Mother's Day Project

I am so glad I got this done in time! I was worried Vinnie woudl pop out + I couldn't do it, and then I couldn't find the camera cable yesterday to upload pics - DRAMA.

For this month's Threadbanger Guild treasury, we had to make 2 Mother's Day items. Well I made a heatpack for myself the other night, and thought I'd do that, because they aren't yo mama's average heatpack let me tell you that!

But I ran out of rice :) I'm going to buy some more + make more because I think they are wonderful! And they soothe the pain so well!

So instead I made another pair of knickers + a cheerleader skirt!

Click the pics for the links to the listings::

The back has an exposed metal zipper

Unfortunately it's impossible for me to model anything anymore! :(

The back of these knickers has a panel of black lace over your butt :)